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Collections & departments Department of Decorative Arts

The Department of Decorative Arts is home to an extremely varied collection comprising jewelry, silverware, enamels, ivories, bronzes, semi-precious stone work, ceramics, glassware, stained glass, furniture, and rugs, and spanning the period from the early Middle Ages to the first half of the 19th century.

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The curatorial team in the Department of Decorative Arts comprises:

  • two curators for the Middle Ages (about 1,000 works);
  • three curators for the Renaissance and first half of the 17th century (about 8,000 works);
  • two curators for the 18th century (about 4,000 works);
  • one curator for the 19th century (about 1500 works);

The scientific team also comprises five information research specialists (two of whom are registrars), six information specialists, and one librarian; they play an active role in the running of the department, the study and preservation of the collections, the management of exhibitions and publications, and the enrichment and classification of documentation (organized both technically and chronologically). Due to its size, however, the collection cannot be covered in its entirety by the Louvre’s experts.

Practical information

The Department of Decorative Arts research center is currently closed and will reopen on January 2, 2017.

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