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Collections & departments Department of Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Antiquities

The Department of Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Antiquities is home to a collection of artworks representing the Greek, Etruscan, and Roman civilizations; it illustrates the art of a vast area encompassing Greece, Italy, and the whole of the Mediterranean basin, and spans the period from Neolithic times (4th millennium BC) to the 6th century AD.

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Department director: Françoise Gaultier

Collection managers

  • Anne Coulié, curator (Greek ceramics)
  • Sophie Descamps, curator (Greek and Roman bronzes)
  • Françoise Gaultier, curator (Etruscan archaeology)
  • Cécile Giroire, curator (mosaics, gold and silverware, Roman art objects)
  • Laurent Haumesser, curator (Etruscan archaeology)
  • Violaine Jeammet, curator (Greek and Roman terracotta)
  • Daniel Roger, curator (Roman sculptures and paintings)

Collection management

headed by Christophe Piccinelli-Dassaud, Chief registrar / administrative inventory control

Exhibition registrars

  • Nathalie Brac, collection registrar (exhibitions)
  • Annabel Rémy, collection registrar (external exhibitions / Louvre Lens)

Storeroom management

  • Arnaud Trochet, assistant registrar

Permanent collection registrars

  • Catherine Bastien, collection registrar (bronze section)
  • Danièle Braunstein, stone restorer
  • Christelle Brillault, collection registrar (C2RMF / Etruscan rooms)
  • Isabelle Hasselin-Rous, collection registrar (Musée Charles X)
  • Aurélien Joudrier, collection registrar (loans / plaster cast collection)
  • Sophie Marmois, collection registrar (Galerie Campana / Internet)

Department projects

  • Giovanna Leo, museum layout project manager (project for the collections / Etruscan and Roman rooms)

Study and research center

Managed by Violaine Jeammet, curator
Library: Pascale Gillet, librarian

Research and scientific information:

  • Marianne Hamiaux, research scientist / database administrator
  • Sophie Saint-Amans, database administration manager
  • Katerina Chatziefremidou, scientific information specialist (Etruscan archaeology)
  • Alexandra Kardianou-Michel, research scientist (Greek ceramics)
  • Sophie Padel-Imbaud, scientific information specialist (Greek ceramics)
  • Élisabeth Le Breton, research scientist (antique plaster casts)
  • Florence Specque, scientific information specialist (gold and silverware)
  • Agnès Scherer, scientific information specialist (sculptures, mosaics, bone and ivory carvings) / information room manager
  • Ludovic Laugier, research scientist (sculptures)
  • Néguine Mathieux, scientific information specialist (terracotta)
  • Véronique Arveiller, research scientist (glassware)

Administrative and financial service

  • David Blanchet, administrative and financial manager
  • Jenny Solis, assistant
  • Nora Belkebla, secretary
  • Marie-Françoise Irissin-Mangata, financial manager

Practical information

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