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Collections & departments Department of Near Eastern Antiquities

The historical and geographical context of our collection spans a nine-thousand year period from prehistory to the early Islamic Period, and encompasses an area stretching from North Africa to the Indus Valley and Central Asia, and from the Black Sea (Anatolia) to the Arabian peninsula (as far as the Indian Ocean).

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Department director: Béatrice André-Salvini, General curator


  • Epigraphy (Mesopotamia, Iran, the Levant): Béatrice André-Salvini
  • Iran / Central Asia: Agnès Benoît
  • The Levant / Bronze Age: Sophie Cluzan
  • Mesopotamia : Ariane Thomas
  • The Levant / Assyria / Iron Age: Elisabeth Fontan
  • Anatolia / Late Antiquity: Vincent Blanchard

Research center

  • Documentation manager: Marianne Cotty
  • Scientific information specialists: Isabel Bonora, Laurence Brosse, Monique Buresi, Laure-Cassandre Devic, Elisabet Goula-Iglesias, Patrick Pouyssegur
  • Collection computerization: Nicolas Benoit
  • Draftswoman: Caroline Florimont
  • SHAMASH database administrator, Research assistant: Nicole Chevalier

Collection management

  • Artwork registrars: Norbeil Aouici, Anne Mettetal-Brand, Christophe Personne, Jorge Vasquez
  • Preservation and restoration manager: Mahmoud Alassi

Practical information

Department of Near Eastern Antiquities research center

Accessible by appointment only (proof of idendty required)
Email: marianne.cotty@louvre.fr
Tel.: +33 (0)1 40 20 68 30
Location: Pavillon Mollien, 1st floor