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Louvre Abu Dhabi exhibition app Audio Guide for iPhone and Android phones

Use our mobile application to make the most of your visit!

  • Birth of a Museum – Louvre Abu Dhabi

Available for iPhone and Android: The official audio guide to the "Louvre Abu Dhabi" exhibition.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi is unveiling the best of its new collection for the first time in France; more than one hundred and sixty of the finest masterpieces already acquired by the UAE museum will be presented in May in Paris, during a major exhibition entitled "Birth of a Museum". The Louvre Abu Dhabi, which will be opening in December 2015, will be the first universal museum created in the Middle East, a region at the crossroads of civilizations. Its collection of old and contemporary works from different countries has been gradually growing since 2009 with each new acquisition. The exhibition will enable the French public to get a preview of the cultural wealth of the collection of the future museum and also to grasp the architectural and cultural project.

Use our mobile application to make the most of your exhibition visit!
• Discover the fascinating facts behind the masterpieces on display with 52 curators' commentaries.
• Access all the information you need about the museum in general.

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Available on App Store for iPhone / iPod Touch and Google Play for Android phones

App’s price: free

Languages: English, French and Arabic

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