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Event 10th Louvre - DNP Museum Lab presentation
"A Masterpiece of Ancient Greece: a World of Men, Gods and Heroes"


The tenth Louvre - DNP Museum Lab presentation invites visitors to discover the art of ancient Greece, a civilization which had a significant impact on Western art and culture. They will be able to admire four works from the Louvre's Greek art collection, and in particular a ceramic masterpiece known as the "Krater of Antaeus". This experimental exhibition features a series of original multimedia displays designed to enhance the observation and understanding of Greek artworks.

From Friday February 1 to Sunday September 1, 2013

Artworks on display
The "Krater of Antaeus", one of the Louvre's must-see masterpieces, provides a perfect illustration of the beauty and quality of Greek ceramics. It is signed by Euphronios, a famously innovative vase painter and one of the artists who took the red-figure technique to an unprecedented level of refinement. The front of the vase shows one of the labours of Heracles: his fight with the giant Antaeus. The dynamic composition and striking rendering of movement reflect the creativity and mastery of Euphronios. But this beautiful vase was also a utilitarian object: it was used for mixing wine and water at the banquet called a symposion in Greek.
The krater is exhibited together with a red-figure cup, a bronze statuette of Heracles and a terracotta mask of Dionysos.

Overview of the tenth presentation
An animated map at the entrance to the exhibition illustrates the expansion of the Greek world in antiquity, providing visitors with contextual information before they view the artworks on display in the presentation room. Near the highlight exhibit, a multimedia display called "The Krater of Antaeus, a Masterpiece of Greek Ceramics" shows how this vase illustrates some essential aspects of Greek art and civilization.
Each of the other artworks on display also serves to illustrate a theme which is developed during the visit: the codes of representation of the human body are demonstrated by the statuette of Heracles Resting; the iconography of Greek gods and goddesses is exemplified by the Red-figure Cup; and the importance of the relationship with the gods is demonstrated by the ritual of the symposium, related to the cult of the wine-god Dionysos, present here in the form of a mask.

Practical information

Organized by
Musée du Louvre, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd (DNP)
With the cooperation of Japan Airlines

Louvre - DNP Museum Lab
Ground Floor, DNP - Gotanda
3-5-20 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

Friday February 1 to Sunday September 1, 2013

Opening hours
Fridays: 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Saturdays and Sundays: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Closed during periods of maintenance and artwork replacement, during the New Year holidays, and if the Friday is a public holiday.

Free admission, booking required
By phone: +81 (0) 35435 0880

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