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Collections & departments Department of Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Antiquities

The Department of Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Antiquities is home to a collection of artworks representing the Greek, Etruscan, and Roman civilizations; it illustrates the art of a vast area encompassing Greece, Italy, and the whole of the Mediterranean basin, and spans the period from Neolithic times (4th millennium BC) to the 6th century AD.

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Director of department: Françoise Gaultier
Deputy director of department: Cécile Giroire


Greek pottery: Anne Coulié, curator
Greek and Roman bronzes: Sophie Descamps, curator
Etruscan and Italic archaeology: Françoise Gaultier, curator; Laurent Haumesser, curator
Roman mosaics, gold- and silverware, and artefacts: Cécile Giroire, curator
Greek and Roman terracottas: Violaine Jeammet, curator
Greek sculptures / The Gypsotheque (plaster cast gallery): Ludovic Laugier, curator
Roman sculptures and paintings: Daniel Roger, curator

Administrative management division

Head of division: David Blanchet
Managerial assistant: Jenny Solis

Research center

Head of center: Isabelle Hasselin-Rous

Greek and Roman bronzes: Catherine Bastien, documentary researcher
Greek and Roman terracottas: Isabelle Hasselin-Rous, head of center
Greek pottery: Alexandra Kardianou-Michel, documentary researcher; Sophie Padel-Imbaud, documentary researcher
Etruscan and Italic archaeology: Giovanna Leo, documentary researcher
Greek and Roman sculptures / Roman pottery and paintings: Agnès Scherer, documentary researcher and reference room manager
Roman gold- and silverware and artefacts: Florence Specque, documentary researcher

Photography collection: Annabel Rémy, photograph manager
Database: Sophie Saint-Amans, database administrator
Library: Angélique Voisin, librarian

Registrar division

Head of division: Hélène Maigret-Philippe, registrar

Long-term loans: Aurélien Joudrier, registrar
Greek collections: Céline Morisseau, registrar; Arnaud Trochet, registrar
Etruscan and Italic collections / C2RMF: Christelle Brillault, registrar
Roman collections: Delphine Peschard, registrar


Black Sea archaeology / Archaeological expeditions in Apollonia Pontica (Bulgaria) and Argamum (Romania): Alexandre Baralis, archaeologist
Archaeological expeditions in Gabii (Italy): Daniel Roger, curator; Steve Glisoni, operations and research manager (INRAP associate)

Practical information

Research center

The research center is closed up until Tuesday 1 December, 2020.

Research center regulations (in French)