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The rooms devoted to "modern" sculpture, opened in 1824, gradually became the Department of Medieval, Renaissance, and Modern Sculpture. Separate collections were founded in 1848 for antiquities and in 1893 for objets d'art.

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Our specialist curators are responsible for sub-sections of the collection as follows:

Director of department: Sophie Jugie

Byzantium and French Middle Ages: Pierre‐Yves Le Pogam
13th- to 16th-century Italy: Marc Bormand
15th- and 16th-century France and Northern Europe: Sophie Jugie
17th-century Europe: Valérie Carpentier
18th-century Europe: Guilhem Scherf
19th-century Europe: Stéphanie Deschamps-Tan

Research center

The research center’s specialist holdings in sculpture from the Middle Ages to the 19th century are open to all visitors. They include:

- 6,500 artwork files, one for each of the sculptures listed in the Musée du Louvre inventory, covering works held by the museum or on long-term loan or permanent transfer to other museums

- a wide range of general reference materials on sculpture from the medieval period to the mid-19th century (by artists born prior to 1820), with 11,145 files on research issues in the field of sculpture (artists, cast-makers, founders, museums, and monuments that house sculptures)

- a collection of historical photographs

- the department’s own publications, such as catalogues, pamphlets, overviews, symposium proceedings, and periodical articles

- a reference library giving access to dictionaries, salon catalogues, and works on the materials of sculpture and on iconography

Head of center: Laurence Brosse

Documentary researchers

Middle Ages: Christine Vivet-Peclet (christine.vivet-peclet@louvre.fr)
13th- to 16th-century Italy: Olivier Guérin (olivier.guerin@louvre.fr)
15th- and 16th-century Northern Europe: Angèle Dequier (angele.dequier@louvre.fr)
17th-century Europe: Joëlle Ducré (joelle.ducre@louvre.fr)
18th-century Europe: Laurence Brosse (laurence.brosse@louvre.fr)
19th-century Europe: Béatrice Tupinier-Barrillon (beatrice.tupinier@louvre.fr)

Registrar division

The registrar division handles the logistical, material, administrative, and legal aspects of moving works from the collections, for example when they are loaned for exhibitions, moved to new sites, used to replace other works loaned for exhibitions, or undergo conservation treatment. This division also oversees works on long-term loan to museums and government departments.

Head of division: Djamella Berri
Registrars: Mathilde Formosa, Frederick Hadley

Administrative management division

The administrative team ensures the department runs smoothly by dealing with all legal, financial, and HR issues and any other administrative matters.

Head of division: Alexandra Clauzel
Administrator: Fabrice Demonchy

Practical information

Research center

The research center is closed until further notice.