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Exhibition Drawings/Boundary/Drawings - Anselm Kiefer at the Louvre

from November 7, 2007 to February 4, 2008

A series of drawings is presented on the occasion of the inauguration of a new permanent installation at the museum (monumental painting) by Anselm Kiefer.

In the Salle d’Actualité of the Department of Graphic Arts, between the art of yesterday and the art of today, a boundary is drawn. On one side the collections of the Louvre and on the other Anselm Kiefer, engaging in dialogue with these works, filtered through his particular perspective. Thus a passage is formed.
The theme of boundaries has long held interest for Anselm Kiefer, as an artist born in West Germany at the end of the Second World War, who like others of his generation has explored questions of remembrance and identity, given new impetus by reunification. The confrontation with collective memory is central to his work. Kiefer draws inspiration from a variety of sources that have been widely documented and acknowledged by the artist: contemporary history, the traumatic experience of the Holocaust, Germany confronting its past, Jewish culture and traditions (especially cabalistic writings), ancient Egyptian and Sumerian myth, the great epic poems. Literary references also permeate his work: most visibly Paul Celan and Ingeborg Bachmann, but also the Russian poet Velimir Khlebnikov as well as Charles Baudelaire and other great French writers.

To celebrate this inauguration, a month-long program of cultural events has been planned in close collaboration with Kiefer: a symposium, a conference series, a special evening of readings, as well as dance and music performances, will explore the crossing of boundaries. “The Louvre invites Anselm Kiefer” will enable museum visitors to experience world premieres (in music and dance) created especially for the Louvre and in honor of this event.

Practical information

Permanent installation

North staircase of the Colonnade,
Sully Wing, 1st floor

Temporary exhibition
Salle d'Actualité, Department of
Graphic Arts, room 33

Auditorium du Louvre
Enter through the Louvre pyramid or
the Carrousel arcade.
Further information
0033 (0)1 40 20 55 55

Admission fees

Access to both is included in the purchase of an admission to the museum’s permanent collections:
€ 9 (reduced fee € 6)