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The Art of Safavid Iran, 1501–1736

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With a sumptuous array of works, this exhibition outlines the evolution of art in Iran under the Safavid Dynasty (1501–1736). Visual arts are inextricably linked to the written word in Iranian culture, and the ultimate theme remains the greatness of the world, a divine creation.

This relationship, which is evident in both painting and decorative arts, whose motifs translate literary metaphors, intensified during the Safavid period. Often misunderstood, Iranian art may give the impression of being devoted to decoration alone. All the details, however, are steeped in meaning. The key to their interpretation is found in Persian literature.
The pre-Islamic past is omnipresent in this ancient 4,000-year-old civilization.

Practical information

Napoleon Hall

5 October 2007 - 7 January 2008
Individual exhibition ticket: 9.50 euros.
Twin ticket (permanent collections and the exhibition in the Napoleon Hall): 13 euros before 6pm, 11 euros after 6pm.