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Individual Donors

Whether you are participating in a crowdfunding campaign or tailoring your donation to your interests, there are a variety of ways for you to contribute to the museum’s outreach as an individual donor and forge strong ties with the Louvre.

I am pleased to have included the Louvre Endowment Fund in my plans for the future, [...] I want to ensure my estate is going to a good cause, to a reliable and reassuring institution, the Louvre.” Solange B.

Atelier Petit voyage dans les objets d'art du Moyen-Âge

Atelier Petit voyage dans les objets d'art du Moyen-Âge

© 2014 Musée du Louvre / Florence Brochoire

You wish to make a lasting contribution to the Louvre and put your generosity to work for the future of the museum? The museum has a tool to ensure your gift will continue to make a difference: the Louvre Endowment Fund.
The Louvre has chosen to direct its bequests and gifts toward this system of intergenerational transmission, which is exempt from estate and transfer taxes.
Your bequest will thus remain intact and will help the Louvre fulfill its primary mission over time: to preserve and pass on its universal heritage to future generations.


A powerful vote of confidence

To make a bequest, you need to write a will and name the Endowment Fund as your beneficiary. You can either write your will yourself or have it drawn up by a notary. If you have written your will yourself, it is a good idea to have it notarized to ensure that your wishes are carried out. Your bequest, regardless of the amount, is a valuable contribution to funding the core missions of the Louvre. The bequest can be in the form of a cash contribution, securities or property holdings.
For bequests of artwork, please contact us in advance, for they are to be made directly to the Louvre.

Life insurance

A simple and accessible way to help the Louvre

When taking out a life insurance policy, you can designate the Louvre Endowment Fund as the full or partial beneficiary of your policy. No levy or estate tax will be imposed: your life insurance will be paid in full to support the Louvre.


Giving today for the Louvre of tomorrow

A gift is an immediate and definitive transfer of full ownership from the donor to the museum. It is a notarized deed that can take the form of a cash contribution, securities, or property holdings for which you may choose to retain the life estate.

Take active part in the life of the museum

We will guide you, with the help of your notary, through your entire bequest or gift project. Contact us and together we can determine your best options. This will also give us the opportunity to express our gratitude and involve you in museum projects now:
- You become a member of the Jacques Jaujard Circle of art and history enthusiasts who have designated the Louvre Endowment Fund as the beneficiary of their bequest or life insurance policy, or who have made a gift.
- You enjoy a preferential relationship with the museum team.
- According to your wishes, the Louvre can make a permanent acknowledgement of your contribution in the museum or in the Endowment Fund guestbook.

Contact us for personalized advice or to receive detailed information, under no obligation and with complete confidentiality.

Axelle Chabert
Tel.: +33(0)1 40 20 84 41

Practical information

For information on individual giving, please contact:

Léa Bonan and Jean-Charles Pintori
Tél. : + 33 (0)1 40 20 67 50 / + 33 (0)1 40 20 57 92
E-mail: mecenat@louvre.fr