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Event Louvre - DNP Museum Lab - Egyptian Antiquities


Enjoy an innovative museum experience at the Louvre’s Department of Egyptian Antiquities! State-of-the-art, fun-touse multimedia resources, developed for the ‘Louvre – DNP Museum Lab’ project, are available to help you understand the conventions of Egyptian art and decipher a funerary stela: the Stela of Sakherty.

Outreach and multimedia

In Rooms 21 and 23 (on the 1st floor of the Sully wing), ingenious multimedia devices, purpose-designed for the department, offer an insight into the collection of Egyptian Antiquities, helping you make sense of the exhibits and discover their connection with ancient Egyptian beliefs.

Understanding Egyptian artistic conventions

Egyptian art was primarily concerned with working magic rather than having aesthetic appeal. This is why the same artistic conventions were applied for almost three millennia, giving ancient Egyptian art its highly distinctive style. An interactive touch table with four screens invites you to discover the significance of these conventions. By digitally manipulating images of the artworks, explore the many ways in which the Egyptians ensured themselves a never-ending supply of food and drink in the afterlife.

Deciphering the Stela of Sakherty

Learn to study and decipher a funerary stela as if you were an Egyptologist! On a screen, reconstruct the Stela of Sakherty piece by piece to make sense of it: who do the figures represent? How are the scenes organized? What do the inscriptions mean? This resource will help you decipher all the other stelae on display.

Practical information

Opening times
Open daily except Tuesdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and until 10 p.m. on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Admission fees
Admission included in the museum ticket: € 10.
Admission free for the following categories: under-18s, under-26 year-old EU residents (on presentation of ID), holders of the French ‘Education Pass’, jobseekers (with proof of entitlement), holders of the ‘Carte Louvre Familles’, ‘Carte Louvre Jeunes’ or ‘Carte Louvre Professionnels’; Friends of the Louvre. Admission free for all visitors on the first Sunday of each month.

Tel. 01 40 20 53 17