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The new Department of Islamic Art galleries Opening scheduled for mid-2012

Museum spaces - Archives - January 1, 2008

The project of creating the new Department of Islamic Art galleries is the biggest construction site of museographic development since the Pyramid of I.M. Pei. The construction began in 2008 and should end at the end of 2012.

The Department of Islamic Art galleries

Projet muséographique Département des Arts de l'Islam

Projet muséographique Département des Arts de l'Islam

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Architects Rudy Ricciotti and Mario Bellini were selected to design the new galleries, spanning 3,000 sq.m of exhibition space at the heart of the Cour Visconti. With 18,000 artworks, the Musée du Louvre boasts one of the richest collections of Islamic art in the world. It is the only one that covers the cultural field of Islam in its entirety, both geographically (from Spain to India) and chronologically (from the seventh to the nineteenth century).

Government, corporate and individual donors have already contributed to the project that upholds the Louvre’s identity as a universal museum. You or your company can join this historic project by aiding its construction or supporting one of its key projects:


Midway through the installation, visitors will discover a monumental stone porch, four meters in height, from fifteenth-century Egypt. Its restoration and assembly are the result of a tumultuous historical and scientific adventure.
The components of the porch were sent to France for the 1889 World Fair and deposited at the Louvre in 2004 by the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. By studying period drawings, the composition of the stones and traces of the building techniques used, it was possible to pinpoint the origin of the arch and reconstruct it.


A collection of 1,700 Iznik tiles, displayed on a spectacular wall that recreates the visual impact Ottoman buildings would have had at the time, will be another highlight of the visit. Ceramics and the techniques used to create it are an important part of Islamic art. Their designs reflect the refinement of an era and a vast range of palettes.


For the first time in its history, the Louvre is designing the architecture and educational project of an exhibition space simultaneously. The Department of Islamic Art will offer more than just a visit; it will provide an experience in itself by promoting sensory discovery. The installation will be innovative, but above all widely accessible, for the aim is to reach out to visitors of all ages and backgrounds. To achieve this, some of the most innovative technology will be used in combination with more traditional mediums. A focus on interactive and audiovisual display will break the language barrier and provide clearer historiographic narrative.

Corporate patrons will find all the projects in need of support on the dedicated mini-site: www.louvresponsorship.com

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