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Work Landscape inspired by the View of Frascati

Department of Paintings: French painting

Landscape Inspired by the View of Frascati (near Rome)

© 1990 RMN / René-Gabriel Ojéda

French painting

Vincent Pomarède, Séverine Laborie


Nothing left to chance

"Inspired by...": these words clearly indicate that the work was undertaken in the studio, after a first "impression" which perhaps prompted a study or drawings. Here nothing is left to chance: the arrangement of the two terraces connected by a screen of plants, the hills receding into the horizon, the tree cut out against the sky, the dance of the peasants...

Revive the classical landscape

Corot did well to copy this image, whose creator was his painting master in 1822, the year this landscape was undertaken. The artist here shows a desire to revive the classical landscape by making use of realism and his own experiences in outdoor painting.
The canvas was exhibited at the Salon of 1822, the year of Michallon's death. At only twenty-six years of age, he had painted his last great composition. It was purchased by the State at the end of the Salon.




- Michallon, Exposition-dossier du département des Peintures et du département des Arts Graphiques, V. Pomarède, B. Lesage, Ch. Stefani, ed. Paris, RMN, 1994.

Technical description

  • Achille-Etna MICHALLON (Paris, 1796 - Paris, 1822)

    Landscape Inspired by the View of Frascati (near Rome)

    Salon of 1822

  • Oil on canvas

    H. 1.27 m; W. 1.71 m

  • Acquired at the Salon of 1822 , 1822

    INV. 6633

  • Paintings

    Sully wing
    2nd floor
    Landscape painting in around 1800
    Room 939

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