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Pipes and Drinking Vessels, also known as The Smoker’s Case

© 2010 Musée du Louvre / Angèle Dequier

French painting

Vincent Pomarède

The creamy granularity of the texture here points up Chardin's technique: unlike Oudry and Delaporte, he avoids the virtuosity of trompe-l'oeil, opting instead for rendering perceptible the silent life of objects.

Perfect naturalness

Skilled composition and a keen sense of grouping create an impression of perfect naturalness: a jumble on a table, caught by the brush. The work is based on a blue/white harmony broken up by the silvery gleam of the cup and the casket and the faded pinks of the small pot and its lid. The painter further refines the interplay of color with the touch of red provided by the burning tobacco in the blackened bowl of the long clay pipe. This is without doubt one of the handsomest - and certainly the most appealing - of Chardin's still lives.

Technical description

  • Jean-Siméon CHARDIN (Paris, 1699 - Paris, 1779)

    Pipes and Drinking Vessels, also known as The Smoker’s Case

    about 1737

  • H. : 0,32 m. ; L. : 0,42 m.

  • 1867

    Also known as The Smoking Salon

    M.I. 721

  • Paintings

    Sully wing
    2nd floor
    Room 920

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