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Educator Itineraries The Origins of the Louvre: Medieval Louvre

Length: 45 mins - Level: Easy/Visitors on the Autism Spectrum - Subjects: Multidisciplinary
Visiting days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Mental disability

After the visit

Reconstructing the visit through spoken, written or artistic expression helps visitors understand what they have seen.
There are endless possibilities:
- Naming or recalling what one has seen
- Choosing a favorite or least favorite object or place and explaining one’s choice
- Drawing a particular feature, place, or moment that stood out during the visit
- Imagining the castle and the people who lived in it
- Asking visitors to say whether the experience was easy or difficult; asking them to assess their own behavior during the visit.

Visitor aids

Illustrated pre-visit form
Photograph of model (illustration for stop 5)

On the Louvre website

History of the Louvre; From Château to Museum; The Middle Ages

Visitor Trail: "Living in the Louvre, The former palace of the French kings"
Visitor Trail: "From Palace to Museum, 800 Years of History"


Catherine Treese-Daquin, “Autism” Training Manager, IRTS Champagne-Ardenne.

Pedagogical Committee
Laurence Brosse, Françoise Feger, Marina Pia Vitali
Supervision: Frédérique Leseur, Head of Education Division – Public Outreach and Art Education Department

English translation
Anna Faucheux-Blair

Translation coordination
Benjamin Rouxel, Documentary and Editorial Resources Division – Research and Collections Department

This Educator Itinerary received support from the Fondation Réunica Prévoyance.