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Repertoire of Meroitic Iconography (RIM)

In September 2016, the Egyptian Antiquities Department of the Louvre Museum launched the international project of Répertoire d’iconographie méroïtique (RIM). This project of collaborative research aims to create an encyclopaedia bringing together as entries (“Apedemak”, “candace”, “royal costume”, “horse”, “crocodile”, “priest”, “soldier”, etc.) the analytical descriptions of the various elements composing the Meroitic kingdom’s iconography (Sudan, 300 BC-AD 450). At the same time, the project intends to create a Virtual Meroitic Museum where all the decorated Meroitic objects, currently scattered in museums around the world, will be displayed.
In September 2018, the booklet PRIMIS (Permanence of Representations, Interpretation of Models and Selective Imagery in the figurative sources of the Kingdom of Meroe) containing the first recommendations to future authors of the encyclopaedia, was presented to the scientific community at the 14th International Conference for Nubian Studies (Paris, 10-15 September 2018).




RIM Scientific Committee

Honorary President
László Török (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
Charles Bonnet (Member of the Institut de France)

Abdel Rahman Ali Mohamed Ahmed (National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums of Sudan)
David Edwards (Leicester University)
Ghalia Garennabi (Museums of Soudan)
Sabah Abdel Razek (Egyptian Museum in Cairo)
Pascale Linant de Bellefonds (CNRS - UMR 7041)
Claude Rilly (CNRS - LLACAN UMR 8135)
Vincent Rondot (Musée du Louvre - CNRS)
Neal Spencer (British Museum)
Didier Devauchelle (Charles-de-Gaulle-Lille III  University - UMR 8164)
Pierre Tallet (Sorbonne University)
Simone Wolf (Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, Berlin)
Janice Yellin (Babson College, Boston)
Michael Zach (Institut für Afrikawissenschaften, Universität Wien)
Cornelia Kleinitz (Institut für Archäologie, Humboldt-Universität, Berlin)

Practical information


If you would like more information about the RIM project or access to more PRIMIS content, please contact us at the following address: RIM@louvre.fr

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