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The museum's Touch Gallery presents themed displays that give the blind and visually impaired, as well as children and sighted visitors who wish to experience tactile exploration, the opportunity to touch casts of the museum's artworks. A new touch tour on the sculpted body will open on May 28.

"Sculpting the Body" touch tour


The display of casts and sculptures in the Touch Gallery has been renewed for the sixth time since it opened in 1995.

The theme chosen for 2014–2017 is the body, both clothed and unclothed. The exhibition entitled "Sculpting the Body" features 18 casts that show the diversity of the museum's sculpture collection, from ancient to modern times.

The display is organized into four sections: divine nudity, bathers, Truth and the Graces, drapery that veils and unveils. For the first time, two authentic artworks will be presented alongside reproductions: Time Unveiling Truth, an anonymous plaster cast from the early 19th century, as well as a stone version of Bather, also called Venus by Christophe-Gabriel Allegrain (1710–1795). While these artworks may not be touched, they will allow the public to make a direct comparison between originals and copies. Signage will now be trilingual with the addition of braille wall labels.

Visitor aids at the gallery


A tactile map at the entrance to the gallery gives visitors an idea of the size of the area and the placement of artworks.

The gallery is arranged in an uninterrupted display, with a handrail and a tactile floor strip that guide visitors from one artwork to the next so they can navigate the touch tour on their own. Tactile floor tiles in contrasting colors and materials warn visitors of free-standing artworks in the center of the gallery. Since three-dimensional exploration requires visitors to approach artworks physically, rotating bases are installed on consoles for small-size artworks, while large-size artworks are displayed in the center of the gallery for visitors to walk around.

Plaster or resin casts are accompanied by a sample of the original sculpture material to provide insight into the sculptor's work, along with wall labels in braille and large print.

A special Audio Guide


The museum's Audio Guide was adapted for the touch tour by a team of blind and visually impaired participants. The Nintendo 3DS ™ XL Audio Guide is fully button-controlled. All of the commentary on the artworks contains descriptions of the colors and materials of the objects on display.


Practical information

Opens May 28, 2014

Touch Gallery – Denon wing – lower ground floor – via the Galerie Donatello
Access during museum opening hours, except Friday nights

Included with museum ticket.

+33 (0)1 40 20 52 63