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The museum Audio Guide Audioguide Louvre-Nintendo 3DS ™ XL

The Louvre’s new audio guide offers over 35 hours of audio content. In lively and informal on-the-spot interviews, the museum’s curators and lecturers share their expert knowledge of the Louvre and its artworks.

Notice: The “Masterpieces” tour and “Egypt” family tour on the audio guide are temporarily unavailable due to renovations at the Sully entrance. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

If you’re new to the museum and would like to be guided, opt for the “Masterpieces” tour: it will take you from the Venus de Milo to the Mona Lisa, through the museum’s most beautiful rooms.

If you’re keen not to miss the museum’s must-sees, we’ve picked them out for you; you’ll find them highlighted on the interactive map.

And if you’d rather explore in your own way, you can take your pick from over 700 descriptions of the Louvre’s galleries and artworks. The new interactive map on the dual screen of the DS means you can’t get lost: the Louvre-Nintendo 3DS ™ XL Audio Guide tracks your position and you’ll be guided through the museum step by step.
In addition to the audio commentaries, there are 3D photos of the galleries, high-definition images of the artworks, and 3D reconstructions to help you identify the exhibits and give you extra information.

The Audioguide Louvre-Nintendo 3DS ™ XL was created with the support of Nintendo.

Informations pratiques

Audioguide Louvre-Nintendo 3DS

Rental from the museum’s ticket desks and ticket machines.

Guides issued at 4 counters:
under the Pyramid, and at the Denon, Sully, and Richelieu entrances.

Full price: € 5

More details in the “Info” tab.


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