The Met au LouvreNear Eastern Antiquities in Dialogue


29 February 2024 – 28 September 2025

The Met au Louvre

Near Eastern Antiquities in Dialogue

29 February 2024 – 28 September 2025

The Louvre’s Department of Near Eastern Antiquities is hosting ten major works from New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, whose Department of Ancient Near Eastern Art is currently closed for renovation. The Louvre and The Met have created a unique dialogue between these two collections, which is displayed in the Louvre’s permanent galleries. These ‘special guest’ artworks from The Met, dating from between the late 4th millennium BC and the 5th century AD, show some remarkable connections with the Louvre’s collection. In some cases, a pair of objects has been reunited for the first time, while in others, pieces complement each other by virtue of specific historical features of their respective collections. Representing Central Asia, Syria, Iran and Mesopotamia, this dialogue between collections is (re)introducing visitors to these extraordinary, age-old works of art and the stories they tell.




Afin de permettre la maintenance des espaces d’exposition et l’entretien des collections du musée, les salles suivantes pourront être amenées à fermer :
Les lundis : salles 300 à 304 et 306 à 314 (aile Sully) / Les mercredis : salles 227 à 230 (aile Richelieu)