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    Enjoy the many perks of membership, including one year of free and priority admission to the permanent collections and temporary exhibitions. Become a solo cardholder (€80) or join with a friend (€120).

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Make a donation

Make a donation

Whether you choose to support a 'Become a Patron!' campaign or other museum project at any time throughout the year, your donation, no matter how big or small, makes a difference.

Our patron circles

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Patrons circle

The Louvre Patrons Circle provides funding for conservation, publication and exhibition projects, alongside the Amis du Louvre projects.

The Louvre Decorative Arts Circle

The Decorative Arts Circle brings together people and collectors who wish to share their passion for objets d’art and the Louvre’s Department of Decorative Arts.

The Louvre International Council

The International Council brings together art lovers from around the world eager to share their interest in culture and enthusiasm for the Louvre. The circle supports ambitious international projects headed by the Louvre.

American friends of the Louvre

The American Friends of the Louvre actively contributes to shining a spotlight on the Louvre across the Atlantic.  US-based American and foreign donors can make contributions and benefit from tax advantages specific to the US.

Personalised funds

The Louvre offers you the opportunity to become a lasting part of its legacy by creating your own philanthropic structure within the Louvre Endowment Fund, providing you with guidance and council every step of the way.

Corporate sponsors & foundations

Corporate sponsors

Becoming a patron of the Louvre

Becoming a patron of the Louvre means helping a museum in constant flux become better known throughout the world and bringing culture and art to the widest possible audience.

The Louvre Corporate Circle

The Louvre Corporate Circle is for companies who wish to help the museum carry out major cultural heritage, educational and social projects. Participating companies benefit from tailored public relations opportunities.