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Helpful tips

Fortress and palace turned museum!

Book your tickets

By reserving your tickets at, you will cut down on your waiting time when you get to the Pyramid entrance. Entry is free for children and visitors under the age of 26.
Arrive a little early

Come see us in the Studio!

Located on the ground level of the Richelieu wing, the Studio is a space for discovery and creation at the heart of the Louvre. Come enjoy freely accessible activities open to all holders of a museum admission ticket. Please note that these activities are available in French only.

Arrive a little early

It takes 10 minutes to get from the metro to the Pyramid entrance, at the heart of the Louvre. If you have made a booking you will not have to wait long, but allow 15 extra minutes to go to the lockers and toilets before your visit.

Egyptian antiquities or Italian paintings?

The Louvre is very big: the total surface area is about 73,000m²! Some 35,000 works of art are on display, the oldest of which go back more than nine thousand years. Visiting the Louvre can be tiring for children… but also for adults. To make sure your experience is pleasurable, keep it short. Visit the ‘Discover’ section to help you decide which rooms to visit. 

Share the magic of the Louvre with your children

What makes your children tick? What are they interested in? Do they have a favourite work of art? Make sure your children know the rules: no touching the art and no running. Feel free to take photographs during your visit, make drawings, imitate sculptures and share your experiences.

Be sure to take a break

There is no eating or drinking allowed in the exhibition rooms, but you can grab a bite to eat under the Pyramid or have a picnic in the Tuileries Garden.


The gardens

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