Soulages at the Louvre


11 December 2019 – 9 March 2020

Soulages at the Louvre

Contemporary Art

11 December 2019 – 9 March 2020


Pierre Soulages, “painter of black and light,” is a major figure of non-figurative painting, recognized as such since the start of his career after World War II. Born on December 24, 1919, in Rodez (south of France), Soulages, who continues to produce work at a steady pace, is celebrating his 100th birthday at the end of this year. To mark this event, the Musée du Louvre is devoting an exceptional exhibition to the artist in the prestigious Salon Carré, which is located between the Galerie d’Apollon and the Grande Galerie and used to house the Paris Salon.

This tribute exhibition traces the chronological development of Soulages’s work from 1946 to the present day, through a limited selection of pieces created over eight decades of artistic research. Soulages’s exceptionally long career is illustrated by some of his major works, most of them from prominent French and foreign museums. The exhibition covers every period, with a focus on the outrenoir polyptychs. It also presents a number of very large paintings executed in recent months, demonstrating the remarkable vitality of Soulages, who has never stopped working.

Organised by

Pierre Encrevé †
Alfred Pacquement, Honorary Director of the Musée National d’Art Moderne

This exhibition is sponsored by Bucéphale Finance and benefits from the support of Monsieur Jean-Marc Forneri.

Présentation de l'exposition : Soulages au Louvre

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