ExploreThe treasures of the Louvre palace and collections

The palace

Explore the former palace of the kings of France – now the largest museum in the world covering almost 10,000 years of history! The palace is divided into three wings: Richelieu, Sully and Denon. Take your pick!

Ideal Greek Beauty

Venus de Milo and the Galerie des Antiques


The gardens

A breath of fresh air in the heart of Paris

The Louvre Estate includes both the Carrousel Garden and Tuileries Garden. These historical parks offer beautiful settings for a leisurely walk and seasonal activities for all the family to enjoy.

Visitor trails

Not sure where to start? Why not follow one of our recommended trails. Make your choice based either on the amount of time you plan to stay in the museum or the theme that interests you!

The Louvre’s Masterpieces

What exactly is a masterpiece? Follow this trail to find out!