Health pass

In accordance with government recommendations, all visitors to the Louvre aged 12 years and two months or older must show a Health Pass.

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Donate now

Whether you choose to support a "Become a Patron!" campaign or other museum project at any time throughout the year, your donation, no matter how big or small, makes a difference.

How to make a donation 

In just a few clicks, you can make an online donation via the museum’s secure platform. You can choose to put your donation toward one of the following activities: conserving and preserving the collections, art and cultural education, reaching and accommodating new types of visitors, the museum’s most pressing needs, or the greening of the Tuileries Garden. During a Become a Patron!  campaign, all donations are put toward the outlined project. 
You may also make a donation by check or bank transfer. To do so, please fill in the contact form on the museum’s secure platform.

A tax break (French residents only)

No matter the amount of your donation, you can deduct 66% from your taxable income (up to 20% of total taxable revenues). For example, a donation of €100 costs, in reality, €34, allowing you to deduct €66 from your taxable income. If this reduction exceeds 20% of your taxable income, the remainder can be carried over for the following five years.

Code of ethics for individual donors

Louvre Ethic Charter

on Relation with Individuals Donors

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