Journey along the Nile

Explore ancient Egypt as a family!

Accessible on:

Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday


You are standing in one of the largest ancient Egyptian art collections in the world. This is the perfect opportunity to see what life was like under the Pharaohs! Above all, the ancient Egyptians believed in many divinities who were present in everyday life, represented in human or animal form. Because the ancient Egyptians believed they would enter the kingdom of the gods and goddesses after death, they filled their tombs with familiar objects to be able to use them in the afterlife. That is how things like furniture, games and jewellery from ancient Egypt have been perfectly preserved to this day. But we must not forget that these objects speak about the everyday lives of the wealthiest Egyptians. Most people could not afford to be mummified or buy a sarcophagus or tomb filled with precious objects and decorated with scenes of earthly life…

Start of trail

  • Enter through the Sully wing, show your ticket and continue straight ahead.

  • Go between the two staircases.

  • Restrooms are available to the left.

  • At the end of the passageway, head to your left to the Medieval Louvre.

  • Keep going until you get to the Great Sphinx made of pink granite at the entry to Egyptian Antiquities.

Step 1

Under the protection of the Great Sphinx

Room 348 - Sully wing - Level -1

Great Sphinx of Tanis

  • Take the stairs to the left.

  • At the top of the stairs, go straight on to the first room (336).

  • The next stop is the long display case in the centre of the room with small models of boats.

Step 2

Impossible to recognise them all!

Room 317 - Sully wing - Level 0

The god Bes

  • At the top of the stairs, go past the columns and through the door to the left.

Step 3

The Nile, source of life

Room 336 - Sully wing - Level 0

Model of a boat, about 2000 BC

  • Go through the door to the right of the display case opposite the windows.

Step 4

Work the land or keep track of grain

Room 333 - Sully wing - Level 0

Paintings from the tomb of Wensu

  • Go on to the next room to your left.

  • Get up close to the display case with the scribe sitting cross-legged.

Step 5

A prestigious profession

Room 335 - Sully wing - Level 0

Scribe sitting cross-legged

  • Go on to the next room.

  • Turn right and go into the room with furniture.

Step 6

Both beautiful and useful

Room 331 - Sully wing - Level 0

Chair, about 1550–1186 BC, painted and inlaid wood

  • Go on to the next room.

  • On your left, take a look at the display cases with jewellery and accessories.

Step 7

An ancient Egyptian beauty salon

Room 330 - Sully wing - Level 0

Necklace decorated with fish, gold, L. 49 cm

  • Go on to the next room.

  • Pass by the display case with musical instruments.

  • Stop before the display case to the right near the window with board games.

Step 8

Board games, a favourite pastime

Room 329 - Sully wing - Level 0

Hippopotamus-shaped playing board with 58 holes

  • Continue to the next room and pass by the sphinx in the middle.

  • Restrooms are located to the left of the Great Sphinx.

  • Pass through the narrow corridor lined with sphinxes.

  • Turn right and enter a large room.

  • Yuyu is waiting for you immediately to the left near the door with windows.

Step 9

A house for the gods

Room 324 - Sully wing - Level 0

Statue of Yuyu, High Priest of Osiris, presenting a chapel

  • Cross the room.

  • Go down the stairs leading to the Crypt of Osiris.

  • Continue straight on after passing the central sarcophagus.

  • Go up the stairs.

  • Get up close to the large tub-like sarcophagus in white stone.

Step 10

Ready for a long journey

Room 321 - Sully wing - Level 0

Sarcophagus of Abu Roash

  • Turn back the way you came and walk along the row of sarcophagi.

  • Continue straight on.

  • The mummy will be on your left.

Step 11

Life eternal

Room 322 - Sully wing - Level 0

Mummy covered in ‘cartonnage’

  • Next to the mummy in the display case you will find jars with the heads of animals on their lids.

Step 12

Keep your lid on…

Room 322 - Sully wing - Level 0

Four ‘canopic’ jars of Horemsaf

  • Retrace your steps back to the white stone sarcophagus.

  • Cross the next room.

  • Before the great staircase, look at the display cases to the right and proceed to the back.

  • Continuez tout droit et traversez les salles jusqu'à la salle 635.

  • Arrêtez-vous devant le Scribe accroupi.

Step 13

End of journey!

Room 635 - Sully wing - Level 1

The ‘Seated Scribe’

Way to exit

  • Continue straight on and follow the exit signs.

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