Secret Treasures of the Richelieu Wing

Accessible on:

Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday


In addition to its great unmissable masterpieces like the Mona Lisa or the Venus de Milo, the Louvre hosts a multitude of marvels, less well known but just as extraordinary.
This trail invites you to explore the Richelieu wing for a journey through space and time, leading you from the gardens of Louis XIV to the galas of the Second Empire by way of the ancient cities of Mesopotamia.

Start of trail

  • Enter through the Richelieu Wing.

  • Go straight through to the vaulted hall.

  • Turn right between the pillars to enter the Cour Puget (Room 105)

Step 1

The Cour Puget

Room 105 - Richelieu Wing - Level -1

The Cour Puget

  • Take the stairs to your left to reach the middle level.

  • Turn towards the sculpture in the centre of the court, which represents a man being attacked by a lion.

Step 2

A Lesson in Humility

Room 105 - Richelieu Wing - Level -1

Milo of Croton

Pierre Puget

  • Take the staircase to the left to reach the upper level.

  • Turn right and follow the handrail to the great bronze Lion.

Step 3

The Lion and the Serpent

Room 105 - Richelieu Wing - Level 0

Lion with Serpent

Antoine-Louis Barye

  • Take the steps to the left of the lion (Room 236).

  • Turn left and go into the next room (Room 234).

  • The works shown in these rooms date back more than 3000 years before our era. So they are among the most ancient in the Louvre!

Step 4

Ebih-Il, of Mari

Room 234 - Richelieu Wing - Level 0

Statue of the nu-banda Ebih-Il

About 2400 BC

  • Climb the steps and enter the large room to the left (Room 228).

  • Walk through the room and go down a few steps to enter the next room (Room 227).

Step 5

Nemo Censetur Ignorare Legem (No One Is Considered to Be Ignorant of the Law)

Room 227 - Richelieu Wing - Level 0

Code of Hammurabi

1792 – 1750 BC

  • Facing the stele, take the door in front of you to the left to enter the next room (Room 229).

Step 6

Inside an Assyrian Palace

Room 229 - Richelieu Wing - Level 0

The Cour Khorsabad

  • Take the passage facing the winged bulls to return to Room 228.

  • Exit through the left-hand door.

  • Turn right and go down the steps (Room 234).

  • Walk through the Ebih-II room (Room 234) and into the next room (Room 236).

  • Go around the central stele, to the right or the left, and towards the main escalator.

  • NOTICE: Steps 7 and 8 of this visit are closed for renovations until May 2024.

  • Please make your way to the exit by taking the escalator down to Level -1, then turning left to return to the Great Hall under the Pyramid. Please disregard the instructions below.

  • Take the escalator up one level.

  • On Level 1 go straight on (Room 500).

  • Go past the cafe and straight on to the room with green panelling (Room 535).

  • Go through the next room (Room 536) and exit through the left-hand door.

  • Go through the next room (Room 537) and exit through the right-hand door.

Step 7

From Palace to Museum: The Minister's Apartments

Escalier du Ministre – Richelieu Wing – Level 1

The Private Apartments of the Minister

  • Go through the next rooms (Rooms 540, 541, 542, 543).

  • Stop in the Grand Salon (Room 544).

Step 8

A Second Empire Gala

Room 544 - Richelieu Wing - Level 1

The Grand Salon and the Theatre Salon

Way to exit

  • To exit, go back the way you came, through the small apartments (Rooms 544 to 535).

  • Go through Room 500 to the escalators.

  • Go down to Level -1.

  • Turn left to return to the Great Hall under the Pyramid.

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