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What to see

The Louvre palace and collections

La Victoire de Samothrace, vue depuis la Salle Daru Salle 702, Aile Denon, Niveau 1

There is something for everyone at the Louvre with over 30,000 artworks spread across 45,000 m2 of exhibition space: Near Eastern, Egyptian, Greek or Roman antiquities; the Islamic arts; Italian and Northern European sculptures; Italian, Spanish, English paintings; French masterpiece paintings of the 19th century; the French Crown Jewels; the Napoleon III Apartments; decorative objects from the Middle Ages and time of King Louis XIV; or French sculpture from the 17th to 19th century. Not to forget the museum’s most famous artworks, such as the Winged Victory of Samothrace, the Venus de Milo and the Mona Lisa!

The museum map will help you navigate your way around the palace

Before planning your visit, be sure to check the schedule of room closures as some collections may not be accessible on the day due to ongoing works.

The Tuileries Garden

Pavillon de Marsan, vu depuis le jardin du Carrousel

Located in the heart of Paris, the Tuileries Garden stretches between the Place de la Concorde and the Louvre, which has been responsible for its maintenance and upkeep since 2005. It was originally created for Catherine de’ Medici in the 16th century then redesigned by landscape architect André Le Nôtre as of 1664 and has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1991. Today, visitors can enjoy over 22 hectares of green space, featuring six ponds, some wonderful trees and an educational organic vegetable garden. It can also be considered an open-air museum, as it displays over 200 statues and vases dating from the 17th to 21st century! The Tuileries Garden is a great place for young and old to come for a walk, relax and enjoy the beauty of each season.

The Musée National Eugène-Delacroix

Jardin du musée national Eugène Delacroix

Hungry for more? Then why not visit the Musée National Eugène-Delacroix! All Louvre tickets can be used to access the museum for free within 48 hours of first use. Please check the terms and conditions for group visits on the Musée Eugène-Delacroix website.