A Night at the Louvre: a private guided tour of the landmark exhibition, only un theatres !


29 June 2020

To prolong the 'Leonardo da Vinci" experience, The Louvre Museum and Pathé Live have partnered to release an exclusive filmed private tour of the landmark exhibition “A Night at the Louvre: Leonardo da Vinci”. Special screenings wil be organized from 16 September worldwide.

A private guided tour of the exhibition exclusive to cinemas

Filmed especially for the cinema, this visit is a unique opportunity to contemplate the most beautiful works of Leonardo da Vinci up close. It takes the viewer on a nocturnal stroll through the Louvre in the company of the exhibition’s curators, Vincent Delieuvin and Louis Frank, whose commentaries provide precious insight into Leonardo’s artistic practice and pictorial technique. This major and unprecedented retrospective devoted to the artist’s work in its totality demonstrates how Leonardo elevated painting above all other pursuits, and how his investigation of the world – the “science of painting” as he put it – was at the service of an art whose supreme ambition was to give life to his paintings.

Broadcast in 30 languages in more than 60 countries

This is the first time that the Louvre Museum will be featured in a documentary film screened exclusively in cinemas in more than 60 countries with translations into 30 languages. Four nights of filming and a team of 30 technicians went into the making of this film shot with 5K cameras especially for the cinema, under the direction of Pierre-Hubert Martin. The texts are written by Catherine Sauvat and Pierre-Hubert Martin, under the supervision of the joint curators. The narration has been entrusted to Coraly Zahonero, a member of France’s historic national theatre, the Comédie-Française.

A new event for school audiences

Teachers will be able to organise school screenings in nearby cinemas of their choice throughout the 2020/2021 school year. Educational materials relating to the exhibition will be available free of charge for teachers on the platform dedicated to the event www.anightatthelouvre.film/education/.These materials will provide them with keys to better understanding Leonardo da Vinci’s work and help them carry out activities with their pupils before and after the screening.

Practical information

Tickets at: www.anightatthelouvre.film

Runtime : 90 min

In French with subtitles

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