The Louvre’s Masterpieces

What exactly is a masterpiece? Follow this trail to find out!

Accessible on:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday


Some artworks have survived over the centuries and made such a mark on history that we cannot imagine the world without them. Their influence has spread across borders and cultures, and to this day they continue to be distinguished by experts and admired by all.
Where better than the Louvre to get a sense of these great artworks? The palace is home to some of the world’s most iconic pieces – paintings, sculptures, architectural elements and art objects by famous or anonymous artists of many different origins and eras. And no two masterpieces are alike!

Start of trail

  • Enter through the Sully wing.

  • After the ticket check, go straight on.

  • When you reach the entrance to the Pavillon de l’Horloge, take the stairs on the right up to Level 1.

  • At the top of the stairs, go through the double wooden doors on your right.

  • You’re in the Salle des Cariatides. Look behind you to see the musicians’ gallery above the door.

Step 1

Ancient masterpieces from the royal collections

Room 348 - Sully wing - Level 0

The caryatids

Jean Goujon

  • Walk through the room.

  • Take the passage to the right of the monumental fireplace.

  • Go straight on between the red marble pillars until you reach the Venus de Milo.

Step 2

A welcome newcomer to the Louvre

Room 346 - Sully wing - Level 0

Aphrodite, known as the Venus de Milo

  • Retrace your steps and take the first left after the red marble pillars.

  • Go straight on, pass the rotunda and head towards the stairs.

  • Go up the stairs as far as the large winged figure.

Step 3

An uplifting sight

Room 703 - Denon wing - Level 1

The Winged Victory of Samothrace

  • Opposite The Winged Victory of Samothrace, turn right and walk between the columns.

  • Look at the frescoes by Botticelli on the walls on your left.

Step 4

Italian frescoes on the walls of the Louvre

Room 706 - Denon wing - Level 1

Venus and the Three Graces Presenting Gifts to a Young Woman

Sandro Botticelli

  • Go straight on and through the glass door.

  • You are now in the Salon Carré (Room 708).

Step 5

The making of reputations

Room 708 - Denon wing - Level 1

The Salon Carré

  • Leave the Salon Carré through the double wooden doors to the right of the windows.

  • In the Grande Galerie, go straight on as far as the white marble columns.

  • Look at the paintings on the wall on your left, just past the columns.

Step 6

Treasures of the Italian Renaissance

Room 710 - Denon wing - Level 1

The Grande Galerie

  • Go straight on, take the first right into the Mona Lisa room.

Step 7

A superstar… … facing a crowd of 132

Room 711- Denon wing - Level 1

Portrait of Lisa Gherardini, Wife of Francesco del Giocondo, known as the Mona Lisa

Leonardo da Vinci

  • Go behind the Mona Lisa and into the next room.

  • Turn left into a long gallery with red walls.

  • Go up to The Raft of the Medusa, a bit further along on the left wall.

Step 8

Romanticism, topicality, sensuality…

Room 700 - Denon wing - Level 1

The Raft of the Medusa

Théodore Géricault

  • Go straight on and leave the room.

  • Time for a break? Try the Café Mollien…and enjoy the fabulous view of the Pyramid from its terrace.

  • Go down the large staircase.

  • Go up to the two large male statues in the middle of the room.

Step 9

Imprisoned in stone

Room 403 - Denon wing - Level 0

Slaves (The Rebellious Slave and The Dying Slave)

Michelangelo Buonarroti, known as Michelangelo

  • Walk through the room. Just before the exit, look at the sculpture on the right near the window.

Step 10

Bringing marble to life

Room 403 - Denon wing - Level 0

Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss

Antonio Canova

  • Leave the room and go down the steps.

  • From the landing, you can see the Pyramid through the window on your left.

Step 11

A transparent controversy…

Room 404 - Denon wing - Level 0

The Pyramid

Ieoh Ming Pei

Way to exit

  • To find your way out, go through the room opposite the Pyramid.

  • Go down the spiral staircase on the left.

  • Go down the stairs on the right and continue straight on to the Pyramid.

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