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Visitors with physical disabilities

Getting to the Louvre

We strongly advise all visitors to book a time slot in advance at to guarantee their admission to the museum in case of overcrowding.
Entry to the museum is free for disabled visitors and the person accompanying them. Supporting documents required.

Disabled visitors and the person accompanying them are granted priority access (without queuing) at the reception area and museum entrances.

For more information send a request via this form.


Via the Pyramid

A central lift (the ‘tube’) will take you under the Pyramid to the reception area.

Via the Carrousel shopping centre

Access the Carrousel shopping centre from the car park or entrance at 99 rue de Rivoli.
To reach the reception area beneath the Pyramid, escalators and two lifts are available. Speak with the agents at the Carrousel entrance who will guide you toward the lifts. When you get to the underground shopping area, continue for 50 metres toward the inverted pyramid, where you will go through a security check before entering the museum.


Admission and exit

Think ahead of everything you would like to do at the museum as any exit is final.

Recommended trails

The Louvre has designed themed tours that offer optimal comfort with limited use of lifts and escalators.

Recommended trails (in French)

Parcours conseillés

Download.pdf (3,0Mo)

Dedicated services

Wheelchairs, folding chairs and canes with rubber tips are lent free of charge. Enquire at the Help Desk beneath the Pyramid. Equipment is available in exchange for a piece of ID. Lent equipment must not leave the Louvre premises. Please note that canes with metal tips are not allowed in the museum

For special-size equipment or to enquire about the accessibility of an exhibition, send a request via this form or call +33 (0)1 40 20 53 17 . Do not hesitate to alert security guards to your special equipment when you arrive.

Museum staff are available to escort you from the Information Desk to the museum rooms.  
For more information send a request via this form or call +33 (0)1 40 20 53 17.

Ten spots are reserved for visitors in a wheelchair in the auditorium, and 14 outlets are available for visitors with electric wheelchairs.

Restroom facilities equipped to accommodate visitors with reduced mobility are available beneath the Pyramid and in the museum. To locate them, enquire at the Help Desk beneath the Pyramid.