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Visitors with visual impairments


An escort service is available upon request to assist you in getting from the nearest metro stop or Carrousel car park to the museum. Call +33(0)1 40 20 53 17 or send an email to

Staff are also available upon request to escort you from the Pyramid to the museum rooms. For more information, visit the Information Desk beneath the Pyramid.

Dedicated spaces

The Petite Galerie

The Petite Galerie is a dedicated space for disabled visitors. Entirely accessible, it is equipped with tactile ground surface indicators. A braille booklet is lent free of charge and a downloadable guided tour with audio descriptions is available on the Petite Galerie app.

The Pavillon de l’Horloge

Learn about the history of the Louvre and how it has changed over time. Hands-on devices will help you get a feel for the space you are in and how the Louvre’s architecture developed through the ages.

Islamic Art

Tactile devices are available in the Department of Islamic Art collections.